Alcohol and drug substance issues in the workplace can be expensive, disruptive and costly. But workplaces also have a great opportunity to set their employees up for success, and to proactively deal with any drug issues that do emerge in a supportive way.

Each individual brings their own culture and experiences around drugs and alcohol to work with them. Building a positive workplace culture where expectations are clear and individuals feel supported to raise issues is a great way to start.

Brassets support workplaces through the development of policy and procedures, employee education and training programs, Drug, Alcohol and Substance testing through to Employee Assistance and return to work programs.  

A simple 6 step process has proven tremendously successfull for our clients.


The first step is to stop employing other peoples problems!    Lets look at the facts:

  • 1 in every 4 job applicants were detected positive for illicit drug use in Australia 2016 (Brassets Australia Statistics 2016)
  • 80% of addicts defeat a Urine or Saliva Drug Test (Parellel Drug Testing Statistics 2006 - 2016)
  • Each person with an illicit drug problem costs your business over $50,000 per year in lost productivity, absenteeism, workcover claims ...
  • People with drug dependancies look just like you and I, they include Senior Executives, Factory workers, Teachers, any age group, any socio economic  group.
Hair Drug testing is the global standard for pre-employment drug testing.It is the most reliable and effective method and has been proven to detect up to six times more illicit drug users than Urine or Saliva. Regular illicit drug users find it easy to defeat the traditional urine drug test. 


A clear and effective written policy demonstrates your commitment to a safe, productive and drug-free Workplace. A policy helps to raise awareness that the misuse of alcohol and other drugs can contribute to accidents, injuries and violence. It encourages a positive culture where misusing drugs & alcohol is not acceptable. 

Workplace laws and precedents are changing constantly. It is important for organisations to ensure their Drug and Alcohol Policies and Procedures are updated annually.
Brassets provide a FREE Policy and Procedure review for all clients who are implementing a Drug and Alcohol management program.

If you don’t currently have a  workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy, or you would like to review an existing policy we can assist you.

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Running an amnesty period annually enables employees to self report drug and substance dependancy in an environment of trust so they can get help and return top work safely. Brassets have awealth of experience in running amnesty programs in organisations.

A 1300 phone helpline is essential for employees to ask questions, self report substance misuse or report concerns. Brassets provide a 1300 helpline service 24 hours per day


Workplace training and toolbox sessions  help embed the safety culture.

Interactive training programs are generally more successful than traditional lecture syles in effecting attitudinal change. 

Brasstes offer a selection of professional workplace training and toolbox sessions. Training can be tailored to suit each organisations objectives. 

We illustrate below some of our more popular training sessions...

  • Employee Drug & Alcohol Safety Toolbox training
  • Supervisor Drug & Alcohol Management Training
  • Drug Collector Certificated Training
  • Employee & Family members Drug & Substance information evenings
  • Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination training program

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The purpose for drug and alcohol testing is twofold:

  1. Act as a DETERRENT to stop employees turning up for work in a manner that could be unsafe.
  2. To DETECT employees, Contractors and Vistiors in the workplace in a manner that could be unsafe putting themselves ansd others at risk.
There are several methods of drug and alcohol testing including Urine, Saliva, Hair and Breath. Each method has strengths and weaknesses. A well designed Workplace Drug & Alcohol Managementy Program (DAMP) will use the benefits of all methods and technologies. 



When employees are detected positive for illicit drugs and/or alcohol, Brassets provide organisations with a range of employee assistance programs. Including:

  • Return to work programs 
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Referral and Management of a full rehabilition program
  • Disciplinery Interviews and employment terminations where required

After a Positive Drug Test Result, we need to ask is "Is this Employee Safe to Return To Work".

Traditionally, an Employee that returned a Positive Drug Test would be required to pass a "Return to Work Drug Test" before returning to work. 

This methodology has been proven to be flawed, resulting in increased workplace risk. Parallel testing has proven that four out of five people with a drug addiction will defeat a return to work Urine or Saliva drug test. 

By identifying if the Positive drug test was the result of "one off" or "Addiction" behaviour, organisations can align thier return to work requirements appropriately. 

By conducting a Hair drug test each time a Non-Negative or Positive drug test result is returned the employer can determine the most appropriate process. Either a return to work drug test or Rehabilitation being required. 

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Training designed to effect attitudinal change and resul;t in a safer workplace. 
Training can be tailored to suit your organisational requirements


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