• Surface / Substance Tester

    The Identa Surface and Substance tester allows you to check for 22 different drugs. Excellent for testing family members items without accusing them of drug use. Simple to use these testers are used by Police and Customs worldwide to check for drug residue.

  • Urine Drug Test Cup

    Urine Drug Test cup to Australian Standards AS4308-2008. Testing for Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Ecstacy, Marijuana. Simple to use, commercial grade Test cup. Six adulteration tests to ensure legitimate test results.

  • Oratec Saliva Drug Test Swab

    Leading Commercial Saliva Drug Test Swab testing for Cocaine, Opiates, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Ecstacy,

  • Laboratory


    Hair drug and alcohol testing analyses for drugs within the hair shaft. Pre-Employment Hair Drug tests are looking for regular ongoing illicit drug use over a period of time rather than a one off use. The test take just a few minutes and resultds are normally available in five working days. The amount of hair taken is minute, about the thickness of a pencil lead. You will need to bring photo ID such as Drivers Licence with you.