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Many people need to provide a clear drug and alcohol test before arriving on a work site or as a new employment requirement.
Brassets qualified Drug testing staff can provide you with a Drug and Alcohol test at your home, workplace or our offices any time of the day or night.
Drug and Alcohol tests are conducted to Australian Standards by qualified trained professionals including Phlebotomists and qualified Medical Professionals.

Negative test results are provided immediately and forwarded to your employer as required. In the event drugs are detected we can provide a laboratory analysis and report.
Brassets operate 24 hours a day seven days per week. In remote regions Brassets have partner organisations that can conduct the drug testing to Australian Standards on our behalf. 



There are many reasons for Drug testing related to court appearances. On some occasions the court may order drug and alcohol testing as a requirement of bail, visitation rights or other conditions as directed.

Often people on drug related charges will conduct regular drug and alcohol tests to support their legal defence.

Brassets provide professional discrete Drug and Alcohol testing services in your home, workplace or in our offices as required. Drug tests can include Illicit Drugs, Synthetic Drugs and Anabolic Steroids if required. We can provide Urine drug testing or Hair drug testing (providing a 3 month drug history)

We have many clients conducting regular drug and alcohol tests for court or legal purposes. Brassets can work with you to develop drug testing that does not impact your day to day obligations and at a cost that is affordable. To discuss your requirements in a confidential and professional manner call us on 1300 080 200



It is common in child custody disputes for one party to accuse the other of illicit drug use. These are claims that are easy to manage.
Brassets have a range of tools to manage drug use allegations. We illustrate some of these below:

HAIR DRUG TESTING - Hair drug and chronic alcohol testing can provide information of a persons drug history as far back as 90 days prior to the test.

REGULAR DRUG TESTING - Regular drug and alcohol testing can provide a strong defence that drug and alcohol use is not occurring. We recommend Random drug testing as the strongest proof. Drug testing can include Illicit Drugs, Synthetic Drugs and Steroid use.

Brassets provide a full record of Drug Testing that can be provided to the court. Call Brassets today to discuss how we can assist you.



Drug use among teens and schoolchildren is a concern of all parents. Brassets have a range of tools that can assist parents. 


The Identa drug testers allow you to test surfaces and items looking for drug residue. This enables people to test clothing, schoolbags etc without the confrontation of accusing the family member.  Immediate results, No lab required.
99% Accurate: Even if/when the narcotic is mixed with other substances.
The adhesive tip picks up micro-particles, requiring only a small amount of the substance.
Available to purchase from our online store.


With a small sample of hair we can provide up to three month drug and alcohol history. A hair drug test is the most reliable drug test available. The hair sample is sent to the worlds leading Hair Testing laboratory for analysis. If you have concerns with the privacy of the results information we can conduct the test anonymously with no names recorded.

Hair Drug and Alcohol testing is available from pathology clinics and drug testing organisations throughout Australia and the World. Brassets can book a Hair drug test for you no matter what your location.

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Most drink spiking incidents are considered to be 'prank spiking', with the motivation being fun or amusement. This practice ignores the potentially serious physical and mental health risks related to drink spiking. 
Sexual assault is also commonly linked with drink spiking. Estimates suggest that one-third of drink spiking incidents are associated with a sexual attack. 

Drug drink spiking is quite easy to detect providing the victim conducts a drug test within 24 to 48 hours of the incident. The sooner the victim completes a drug test the more reliable the results. The reason for drug testing can include confirmation that your drink was spiked, to explain events that occured after the suspected spiking.

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Managing addiction

Managing addiction requires a number of initiatives that together can all work to increasethe chance of a favourable outcome. 

Brassets provide reduced rate drug testing for individuals working to stay drug free. We can design an affordable management plan involving random drug testing, support and assistance. 

Surface Testing

Instant results the same as used by Police and Customs worldwide. Simply wipe the tester swab on clothing, bags etc and detect even minute traces of drug residue.