Employee Misconduct encompases a wide range of behaviours. These behaviors can be of a serious nature such as drug and alcohol use, falsifying documents, Violence and bullying through to less serious matters such as rudeness and disobedience. Often misconduct matters are handled in-house, however after initial attempts to curb the behaviour the next step is to involve specialist help.

    Counterproductive work behaviors have several underlying causes such as low satisfaction, a lack of organizational commitment, or conflicts with supervisors or other employees. If left unchecked misconduct can have a serious impact on profitability, efficiency and workplace harmony.

    Investigating misconduct is an area requiring factual investigation and a good understanding of employment laws and precedents. If possible  call Brassets before acting as sometimes investigations can be compromised by inhouse investigations that can hamper a quick resolution.

  • Workplace Theft

    Theft of property and money from the workplace by employees is a widespread problem, with current estimations indicating that as many as one in every ten employees will steal on a regular basis. The Australian Retailers Association estimates that more than half of stock “shrinkage” is from employee theft. The Australian Federal Police say that 70% of business fraud losses are from staff and former staff, amounting to at least $1.5 billion a year. In reality experts believe the true level of employee theft is higher than the statistics show, because much of it is undetected and, even when it is uncovered, many business owners do not report it. The Australian Institute of Criminology found that only 1 in 17 incidents of employee theft were actually reported to the police. When you suspect you may be experiencing theft in your organisation call Brassets Pty Ltd for a nocharge initial consultation. We illustrate below some KEY CONSIDERATIONS when dealing with employee theft matters: 

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