Brassets have a long sucessful track record of managing workplace substance misuse. Our investigations teams have a comprehensive array of tools to resolve workplace drug & alcohol matters. Whether the problem is employee use, sales or distribution of illicit substances in your workplace, we have specialist skills and tools including Drug detection dog services, sensitive particle detection devices and a comprehensive array of investigative and surveillance services.

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Theft of property and money from the workplace by employees is a widespread problem, with current estimations indicating that as many as one in every ten employees will steal on a regular basis. The Australian Retailers Association estimates that more than half of stock “shrinkage” is from employee theft. The Australian Federal Police say that 70% of business fraud losses are from staff and former staff, amounting to at least $1.5 billion a year.

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Brassets work with organisations to resolve allegations of bullying, harassment or victimisation from employees, suppliers or clients. As well as an experienced team of investigators we provide workplace training for supervisors and management to clarify how to manage situations of bullying or harassment in a correct and appropriate manner. 

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Sexual Harassment is one of those workplace matters that require specialist knowledge and experience. 

We specialise in managing these matters discretely, professionaly and with sensitivity whilst delivering resolution to the matter quickly and fairly. 

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We offer our clients a full range of private investigation services that are effective in resolving all forms of workplace misconduct &  crime.  

If theft or fraud is being committed then we will give you expert advice on how to deal with it and assist you with the process of recovery.  

Our experienced team knows how to work quickly to recover the facts and produce results. Our services cover all types of employee misconduct including Bullying, Sexual Harassment  Fraud, Drug and Theft Investigations. 

We provide an extensive range of specialist investigative tools to resolve your workplace situation.

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