Substance Misuse


Substance abuse is one of the greatest challenges facing society in the 21st century. Substance abuse is one of the leading causes of family violence, workplace accidents, road accidents, suicide and crime including burglary, armed robbery, assault and murder. 

Managing substance abuse in families, workplaces and organisations requires a unique skill set including investigation, clinical and laboratory services, management and assistance programs.

Brassets are pleased to offer organisations & individuals a complete end to end service. 


The statistics show that one in every four job applicants in Australia test positive for substance abuse or substance misuse. This is supported by Police roadside drug testing statistics showing one in every six heavy vehicle drivers tested in 2016 returning a positive result. With most drug tests only testing for a small selection of drug classes, and with adulteration of drug tests becoming more prolific it is not surprising that Hair drug testing results for Australia show an an  18% problem. In some industries our detection rates have been over 35%. 

The United Nations World Drug Report conducted in 2014 showed Australia to have the highest illicit drug problem in the world. Our comsumption of Ecstacy, Methamphetamine (ICE) Marijuana, Amphetamines and Synthetic drugs exceeds the rest of the world per capita. 

Substance abuse differs by country, by industry and by socio-economic group however the trend worldwide is a constant increase in illicit drug use.

social acceptability

 The social acceptance of substance abuse is in front of us constantly, and what we have seen hasn’t been pretty. Let’s face it There’s a huge drug epidemic . 

Everywhere we turn we’re bombarded with news stories, pictures, videos or posts related to the use and abuse of drugs. Whether it be on a social networking platform, a talk show, in a newspaper, on reality TV, lyrics in a song or seen on the news.

Most people with Substance abuse problems originally started using in a social atmosphere. What started out as seemingly harmless fun with friends, turned into a spiral of addiction that was anything but fun. 

We are all responsible in the fight against this epidemic.