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    Welcome to Brassets Drug Alcohol & Substance Management Services. Whether you are a company manager, school principle or an individual we have the worlds leading Drug and Alcohol programs and testing methodologies to help make life a lot safer and happier.  We pride ourselves in offering the very best customer service at a price that is affordable and and fits within your budgetary constraints.


  • Substance Misuse

    Substance abuse is one of the greatest challenges facing society. It is one of the leading causes of family violence, workplace accidents, road accidents, suicide and crime including burglary, armed robbery, assault and murder. Managing substance abuse in families, workplaces and organisations requires a range of services from education and training to clinical, laboratory and program services.




    Hair drug testing is the most robust form of drug and alcohol testing. The reason Hair drug tests are used by Police testing programs throughout the world is they are virtually impossible to defeat. In parellel Hair and Urione drug tests statistics repeatedly show that four out of every five people with an addiction problem will defeat the Urine drug test. This is particularly relevant in situations where people have advance warning of the test such as pre-employment testing and return to work or court directed tests.



    Alcohol and drug substance issues in the workplace can be expensive, disruptive and costly. But workplaces also have a great opportunity to set their employees up for success, and to proactively deal with any drug issues that do emerge in a supportive way.


  • Pre Employment Screening

    It is frightening to note that 1 in 6   job applicants will fail a Hair Drug test that lidentifies people with substance addiction problems. Even more frightening is that each illicit substance user can cost...

  • Individual Drug Testing

    Often drug tests are required to provide the court with evidence of abstinence from drug, substance or alcohol use. There are several types of drug testing however in court related matters two methods are widely accepted. HAIR DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING - This is the best drug testing method, it can detect drug use for several months and is...

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