Drug & Alcohol management is an important safety initiative to ensure a healthy, safe and productive workplace. Brassets can assist you with: 

  • Policy & Procedure Development and Review
  • Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Screening 
  • Employee Training and Awareness Sessions
  • Ongoing Drug & Alcohol Testing 
  • Employee Assistance Plans
  • Investigations and employee interviews by licensed Investigaors
  • Suspicious Substance Testing 

When implementing a Drug & Alcohol management program for your workplace it is important to ensure it is Effective, affordable and up to date. Brassets provide a total solution beginning with a comprehensive guide for workplaces, this ebook provides all the information you require and a simple step by step process to assist you. Order your eBook now.  

The process is simple, we illustrate the 5 steps below:

  1. Implementation of appropriate Pre-Employment Screening (statistics show18% of job applicants ha.ve drug misuse problems, by stopping illicit drug users from entering your workforce you have initiated the most effective measure in reducing workplace drug misuse risks and incidents.)
  2. Update policies and procedures to reflect your ogranisational culture and safety objectives. (Brassets can assist you with this with the latest policy & procedures and a simple implementation program)
  3. Education with employee training and awareness programs. (Brassets provide onsite toolbox sessions, training and awaeness sessions and wording for employee information notices, signage, employee helpline phone contact, in fact everything you require during this process)


There are many reasons for individual Drug testing. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Employment requirements
  • Families wishing to assist a family member or friend
  • Drug tests to support a legal defence
  • Child custody situations
  • Hair Drug tests are often requested for organ transplant waiting lists
  • People wishing to test if they had fallen victim to drink spiking...

Brassets provide professional discrete Drug and Alcohol testing services in your home, workplace or in our offices as required. Drug tests can include Illicit Drugs, Synthetic Drugs and Anabolic Steroids.

We have many clients conducting regular drug and alcohol tests for court or legal purposes. Brassets can work with you to develop a drug testing program that does not impact your day to day obligations and at a cost that is affordable.

To discuss your requirements in a confidential and professional manner call us on 1300 080 200


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